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  • Intro to HCAI

    Introduction to HCAI

  • Enrolment Checklist

    Don’t miss a step! Our checklist makes enrolment and set-up an easy process

  • Should I Enrol?

    Find out if HCAI applies to you or your business

  • How to Enrol

    View step-by-step instruction on how to enroll your Facility with HCAI

  • Getting Approved and Setting Up my Account

    View step-by-step instruction on finalizing your approval and signing in to HCAI for the first time

  • I’m Approved - Now What?

    How to get started using HCAI now that your Facility enrolment has been accepted

  • Navigating HCAIinfo

    View our HCAIinfo site map and video to find relevant information quickly – and avoid getting lost

  • Governance

    Find out more about HCAI’s governance structure